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Training sessions

We train year-round, with the only limiting factor being very strong wind. A Northerly is OK most of the time, as we’re relatively sheltered but strong southerlies make it not-so-good. Sometimes it’s blowing in the city and lighter at Mana, so always worth checking with a club contact if in doubt.

During winter months, please bring a light for your kayak. Preferably two – front and rear. Winter evening sessions are more suitable for advanced paddlers.

First time at the club?

If this is the first time for you, come along at least 15 minutes beforehand and ask for one of the coaches Brian Grace, Matt Archer or Mark Watson and if not available Club Captain Marainne Archer is often paddling. There is ample parking space at the clubrooms.
You should expect to have suitable clothing to get wet in and then afterward to change in to. In the winter this is good polypro, jacket and good leg cover, hat/beanie or heavier duty clothes as you see fit. In the Summer ensure you have polypro and leg cover as minimums. The club does have shower and change room facilities.
Not every paddler on any one day is at the same level and the likelihood is that you will be placed into a group depending on your ability. If you have not paddled before or not paddled much this may see you on land or standing in water practicing technique for a short period, it may pay to have some feet cover for this.

What to bring:

Multisporter – if you have a multisport kayak bring it, your usual paddle and a life vest. However if conditions are favourable, about 85% of the time, we would like to see you to paddle one of the club TK1s. You may find this a little tippy initially but it really allows our coaches to look at your paddle stroke and evaluate and offer advice from your first paddle with us. Remember if you are the paddler and ultimately we are trying to help you with better technique to go faster in your own boat.

Ski – If you are a ski paddler then bring your gear along if possible and either paddle in your ski or one of our club boats.

Nothing – If you have no boat and no equipment just come along and the club will hook you up with some gear for the session.

Club training times:

Monday through Thursday mornings, 6:30am

Focus on training session

Wednesday evenings, 6:00pm:

Focus on technique and training for all abilities.

Saturday mornings, 8am:

Focus on technique and training for beginning and advanced paddlers. Great sessions to come to if you’re just starting out.

10km time trials are part of this session – you are welcome to come along and join in.

Sunday mornings, 8am:

Focus on technique and training for beginning and advanced paddlers. Often a group long paddle for advanced paddlers and focus on technique for developing paddlers. Great sessions to come to if you’re just starting out.

Sunday mornings, 9am:

Juniors session or for those just completely new to the club or paddling.

If you can’t make any of the sessions, we keep an up to date training schedule on the club room notice board for all members who are training outside of club training times.

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