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Mana Kayak Racing Working Bee

June 17, 2015

Mana Kayak Club Working Bee

21 June 2015 (yes this Sunday)

10am to 12pm
(but parents are welcome to start earlier while kids are training)

Good Evening Everyone,

Just a reminder that this coming Sunday (21 June) is our working bee day.
The club building is a great resource, without which we would be running our training ops off the car park. So now is the time to look after it, and make sure it serves us well into the future.
If anyone is unavailable, please let Joern know (check your emails for contact details)



Who organises materials (assumption is that relevant expenses will be reimbursed by the club, see Greg or Kim):


  • Boat polish
  • Fresh patches for toilets
  • Rubbish bags
  • Swim noodles or padding (for padding on racks)
  • broomstick (for additional paddle holder)


  • Paint new rack (to avoid rust build up)
  • Building material for fixing walls in toilets and the main hall (where the break in was)
  • Building tools, plasterboard, spare wood, crews, etc


  • Trailer for taking rubbish away (will leave on site on Sunday)


  • Lawn mower
  • Line trimmer
  • Relevant gardening tools (rakes, shovels, etc)

Other volunteer

  • BBQ meat and rolls

Task forces

  1. Coordinator and task allocation: Joern (will bring a whip 😉


  1. Toilets, showers and change rooms (cleaning)
Task leader Greg


NOTE: going forward we will have cleaners, but its included in here to do a DEEP CLEAN, top to bottomPeople required3 for women, 3 for menResourcesCleaning gear, disinfectant, etcTasks-          Sweep & mop the floor

–          Empty rubbish bin(s)

–          Wash out rubbish bin and put in new liner

–          Clean vanity area

–          Wipe all surfaces

–          Remove mould from walls with bleach or vinegar

–          Check all lights are working

–          Toilet

o    Scrub bowl

o    wipe down all toilet surfaces with disinfectant, including water reservoir

o    put in Duck ‘freshpatch’ into toilet bowl

o    stock up toilet paper

–          Urinal

o    Scrub walls and floor close to urinal (remove mouldy spots)

o    Scrub urinal

o    wipe down all urinal surfaces with disinfectant, including water reservoir

o    put some Duck urinal balls / patches into urinal

–          Shower

o    scrub walls

o    remove sand & rubbish from shower floor

o    scrub floor

o    clear out drain


  1. Outside building and foreshore
Task leader Glenn
People required 6
Resources Lawn mower, line trimmer, bins for collecting rubbish washed up on foreshore, gardening tools to clear up  the area around the side of the building; trailer to get rubbish to tip
Tasks –          collect all material washed up (including all washed up wood) on foreshore between jetty and Titahi Bay Road

–          mow / line trim / clear the side of the building of all weeds and overgrown grass

–          clear any rubbish and leftover materials accumulating between building and waka ama racks and around the side of the building

–          clear the street gutter around the entrance area (remove weeds)

–          clean the light in the entrance area



  1. Cleaning/polishing of boats, storage of boats
Task leader Matt Warren
People required 6
Resources GRUNT Klenashine oxidiser, lots of old rags
Tasks –          clean and polish club boats (especially singles)

–          identify any repairs (make notes on a list)

–          remove any redundant stickers

–          replace all broken soft material / cushioning on all racks


  1. Building maintenance and repairs
Task leader Brian
People required 4
Resources Building tools, plasterboard, spare wood, broomstick, high ladder
Tasks –          Fix broken walls in women and men’s toilets

–          Install third rack line on eastern wall

–          Fix all wooden foldable cradles

–          Install an additional two racks to hold paddles in the left storage room

–          Install some shelving in the storage room that can hold kayak seats (needs to be able to drain) – currently they are stacked but they tend to fall over

–          Fix hole in wall in main hall (where the break in was)



  1. General cleaning and sorting out
Task leader Joern
People required 5
Resources Broom, cleaning gear
Tasks –          Storage rooms

o    Clear out storage rooms and sweep floor

o    Right unit to hold wet gear (life jackets, sprayskirts, spare kayak seats)

–          Kitchen

o    Go through all cupboards and shelves, remove any rubbish / items no longer required or organise

o    Clean fridge

o    Clear out rubbish

o    Wash rubbish bin, and put in new liner

–          Main hall

o    Sweep floor

o    Wash down the entrance door to kayak rooms

o    Sort out tool box / organise any items lying around

o    Tidy up notice board

–          Entrance to building

o    Sweep floor

o    Clear out any rubbish

o    Clean window and entrance door

–          Upstairs storage

o    Stack boat bags tidily

o    General tidy up


  1. BBQ: Parents to run a BBQ

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