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2012 NZ National Kayak Marathon Championships – Event Information

March 21, 2012

In association with Canoe Racing New Zealand, Mana Kayak Racing Club is pleased to conduct the 2012 NZ National Kayak Marathon Championships on the Porirua Harbour in Wellington.

The 2012 National Championships are inclusive of all paddle craft, abilities and age groups ie kayaks, multisport, ocean ski, surf ski and waka ama’s.

The divisions are designed to give all participants a chance of fair and close racing.

There is an separate course for Ocean Ski’s, Surf Ski’s and Waka’s that is sure to provide waves and excitement.

Marathon Kayak Racing – close, tactical, exciting!!

Don’t miss out!!!

Event Details

Boat Classes:

  • K1
  • Multisport Kayak
  • Ocean Ski/Surf Ski
  • Waka ama
  • Mini K1’s and TK1’s for “Tyro” Category

Category Status:

Age is as at 30th September 2011. Please refer to CRNZ Marathon Discipline Competition Rules.  Tyro’s (any school child in year 8 or below)

  • Junior U14
  • Junior U16
  • Junior U19
  • U23
  • Open
  • Masters 35 – 44yrs; 45 – 54yrs; 55yrs+
  • Recreational (generally for those that are new to the sport or those that don’t want to race the full marathon distance)

Event Distances:

  • Tyro’s (any school child in year 8 or below) – 3.0km
  • Junior U14 male female – 4.0km
  • Junior U16male female – 10km, 2.5 Laps, 1 Portages
  • Junior U19 male -20km, 5 Laps, 5 Portages
  • Junior U19 female – 16km, 4 Laps, 4 Portages
  • U23 male – 28km, 7 Laps, 7 Portages
  • U23 female – 20km, 5 Laps, 5 Portages
  • Open men – 28km, 7 Laps, 7 Portages
  • Open Woman – 24km, 6 Laps, 6 Portages
  • Masters 35 – 44yrs – 24km, 6 Laps, 5 Portages
  • Masters 45 – 54yrs – 24km, 6 Laps, 5 Portages
  • Masters 55yrs+ – 20km, 5 Laps, 5 Portages
  • Recreational – 8km, 2 Laps, 0 Portages
  • Ocean Ski/Surf Ski/Waka – 15km, 1 Lap, 0 Portages
  • Team Boats – Open, Masters, U19 – 12km, 3 Laps, 2 Portages
  • Team Boats – U16, U14 – 4km, 1 Lap, 0 Portages

NB. Only Olympic class K1’s are required to portage. No portaging for multisport competitors

The Course:

The kayak and multisport course is located on Porirua Harbour and will consist of a 4km lap. The course will predominantly be set beside the shoreline with the maximum distance from the shoreline being 50m. The course is sheltered from the predominant northerly wind.

The start finish line will be in front of the MKRC clubrooms.

The portage will be approximately 150m long. You will disembark onto a pontoon and run up a short 5m bank then onto a tar sealed area. The embankment area involves a 1m steeply angled drop down to the water. Carpet will be in place to protect your feet from the small stones in this area.

The Ocean Ski/ Surf Ski and Waka ama course follows around the headland of the Titahi Bay from the start finish line located in the Porirua Harbour. The course distance is approximately 15km.

Race Schedule:

Saturday 14 April

  • 2pm Registration
  • 1:30 – 2:30pm Boat Control
  • 2:30pm Race Briefing
  • 3:00pm Open Men,U23 Men, Masters Men
  • 3:05pm Open Woman, U23 Woman, Masters Woman
  • 3:10pm U19 Men
  • 3:15pm Ocean Ski/Surf Ski/Waka Ama (all divisions)
  • 3:20pm U19 Woman, U16 Men, U16 Woman
  • 3:25pm U14 Men, U14 Woman, Tyro’s Men, Tyro’s Woman
  • 5:30pm BBQ and Prizegiving

Sunday 15 April

  • 8am Team Boats Race Briefing
  • 8:30am Open Men,U23 Men, Masters Men Start, U19 Men
  • 8:25am Open Woman, U23 Woman, Masters Woman, U19 Woman
  • 9:25am All other Junior Classes

CRNZ Marathon Discipline Competition Rules apply. For a copy please refer to the CRNZ website

All competitors must pass through boat control before entering the water.

Spray skirts are advisable.

All junior athletes (Tyro’s, U14, U16,U19) must wear a PFD. All other competitors must carry or wear a PFD.

Team Competitors must paddle alternate laps.

Entries must be made online via the Canoe Racing NZ website.  Click here to enter online

Entry Fees

  • Juniors $30
  • Open, U23, Masters $40
  • K2/Team Boats (per person) $10

Early bird entries close on 10th April 2012. Late entries will be accepted up to 14 April with an additional late fee of $20.

Don’t delay – Click here to enter today!


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