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Rubber ducky 6 results

November 7, 2010

Hey hey the action is starting to hot up now as evidenced by some great racing over the 4 lap course in Evans Bay. Adelaide Cox gave it heaps all the way to take out the race and the  lead duck and has the honour of racing with it for the last race in the series. It certainly was a quacking good race from Adelaide who left nothing in reserve.

A number of different people have now had the honour of the lead duck but the big question is who will be taking it home and the $300 first prize in the final race of the series. To date the back markers haven’t been able to come through the field, will it be their turn this week? Craig Jones got close finishing in 16 place and Dougie Wilkins was not far back from Craig as he motored through the field. Or is it going to stay amongst the front markers who seem to find more energy and speed once they hit the front. But equally as likely it could go to the huge group in the middle of the pack who each week are getting closer and closer to the leaders. All will be revealed on Tuesday, this handicap racing certainly is a lot of fun so don’t miss out on the action and your chance to take a bit of extra cash home.

Racing starts at 6:30pm, please register as soon as you arrive at the course as it helps us sort out the start order and get the race underway on time.

The course will be laps in Evans Bay, the distance will be dependent on the water conditions. Remember to hang around for the prizegiving after the race, it should be a  lot of fun.

Handicaps will be posted on the website on Monday.

Name Finish Time Overall Time
Adelaide Cox 42:59:54 39:59:54
Daren Courtenage 43:17:07 39:47:07
Chantelle Cowlrick 43:21:53 37:51:53
Sam Short 43:26:53 38:11:53
Kristin Jarvis 44:13:08 40:13:08
Alice Ashford 44:14:02 42:14:02
Kieran Coburn 44:18:53 39:18:53
Brogan Coburn 44:20:58 40:20:58
Brooke Watt 44:28:54 39:58:54
Emily Nota 44:48:55 42:48:55
Teina Stacey 44:58:56 35:28:56
James Flannery 45:01:52 34:31:52
Jerry Sheppard 45:03:59 35:03:59
Ben Sutherland 45:06:05 37:21:05
Craig Jones 45:08:02 32:08:02
Jack Manners 45:08:54 33:53:54
Jeff Booth 45:11:57 37:26:57
Dianne 45:14:54 45:14:54
Martin Crundwell 45:16:58 40:46:58
Matt Flannery 45:18:22 35:18:22
Sandy Winterton 45:23:58 36:53:58
Mariane Archer 45:25:24 34:25:24
Dougie Wilkins 45:26:46 31:56:46
Martin Leighton 45:28:59 36:28:59
Katherine Allan 45:32:53 39:32:53
Brent Harrison 45:35:26 39:35:26
David Fisher 45:37:20 39:07:20
Hamish Groves 45:39:53 35:39:53
Trent Luka 45:41:37 34:26:37
James Coubrough 45:43:41 32:58:41
Nigel Parry 45:46:47 37:46:47
Dave Rudge 45:58:54 34:43:54
Chester Burt 46:00:58 34:00:58
Jacinta Gould 46:05:54 41:35:54
Jude Ellis 46:08:52 38:23:52
Katrina Madill 46:16:41 35:16:41
Craig Anderson 46:50:57 36:20:57
Heather Kirkham 46:51:52 38:21:52
Annabelle Ramsay 46:56:58 42:56:58
Jonathan Alsop 48:29:50 39:29:50

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