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Rubber Ducky 3 results

October 18, 2010

We were on the alternate course last week due to the presence of a keen southerly. Oriental bay provides a nice respite in those conditions. Now into the 3rd race, the handicaps are getting pretty good. Chris and Jo were first across the line. They were diverted to rescue duty in their only other race so far so their handicap looks like it needs a tweak. Another big name paddling for the first time was a hard charging James “The King” Coubrough who scorched around the course to cross the line in second and closing fast on the double in front. And Jacinta Gould had a great paddle spending most of the duration of the race at or near the front to cross the line in third.

There are at least 3 people on the finish line trying to get times for paddlers crossing the line, and it’s getting harder as the handicaps get better, but we want to make it harder still.

Some big news on the night was the revealing of the $500 cash prize pool on offer for this year’s rubber ducky series. Two benefactors have kindly donated $500 between them to be split amongst the 1st ($300), 2nd ($150) and 3rd ($50) boats across the line in the 7th and final series finale. And the best thing about it is that because the racing is done using handicaps, then everyone theoretically has an equal chance to win. As is the case with these things, there are a few regulations that you need to know about in order to make things as fair and transparent as possible. Those regulations are attached.

The regulations require paddlers to enter three rubber ducky races before the finale on 9 November in order to ensure that an accurate handicap can be calculated. There are still enough races left in the series for new entrants to be in the mix on 9 November.

Click here for full results from race 3.


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