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July News

July 1, 2009

Winter certainly is proving to be a cold one this year but I am impressed by the number of members who continue to turn up for training. The work you do in the winter months will certainly help you in the coming summer months, especially when you want to be going fast.

There certainly are a lot of great event s to look forward to over the coming months and the club has a number of interesting events on its calendar so check out the events page and come along and have a blast. It is important to race as just training can get tedious and it is a great way to check out how you are going against your opposition. It also provides you with the opportunity to socialise with other members of the club.

This weekend we have the handicap points race. The laps are 1km long and at the end of each lap there are points on offer as you cross the start finish line. On the last lap there are bonus points on offer just to give the back markers a chance to win.

The coaching front is starting to take shape with Brian, Matt and myself staring to co ordinate the session so that it works for all. Just a comment on the start times could you all try to be at the club rooms by the time stated on the website as it seems to take along time to get everyone out on the water.
On the safety side please remember that no one is to paddle across the middle of the harbour in winter. The water is freezing and if you capsize it is a long swim and there will be a high possibility of hypothermia.

The aim for the squads is to develop you all into team boats. I feel you can all do well in K2 and K4’s at the up coming CRNZ regatta’s and it will be a lot of fun as well. The coaches will be in touch with you all soon and outline a plan for your training.

The next major race that we are aiming at is the NZ 10km Championships which are in Tauranga. There is a division for all age groups from masters to u13’s. The distances are varied depending on your age. There is also a K2 race on day two. So book the 26 and 27 of September into your diary’s.

Keep up the good work and I look forward to seeing you all out on the water.

Paddles up


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